Dr. Adam Stocker and 6 undergraduate students attended the Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago, IL on October 19th through the 23rd. Ritu Pandey (Biosciences) and Neeju Singh (Computer Science) presented a poster titled “Timing and Specificity of Emx2 in Area Patterning.” Tommy Ajayi (BCBT) and Asma Mohammed (Biosciences) presented a poster titled “Identification of Emx2 Targets During Early Corticogenesis Utilizing a Proteomic Approach.” Finally Devante Delbrune (Biosciences) and Caitlyn Schaffer (Biosciences/Psychology) presented a poster titled “Behavioral and Thalamic Repercussions Following the Reduction of Primary Visual Area Size by Cortical Emx2 Deletion.” This conference allowed students to engage with a huge array of Neuroscience topics as well as visit a large graduate fair. Dr. Stocker was also able to expose the students to research laboratories at nearby Northwestern University (where he completed his doctorate).