Prairie Public Radio published a new history book, (August, 2019) entitled Dakota Datebook: North Dakota Stories from Prairie Public, a collection of 365 short features, one for each day of the year, selected from the archives of the beloved “Dakota Datebook” daily radio program. Included in the 477-page book are 35 stories written by Steve Hoffbeck, History Department, who has written 248 episodes of “Dakota Datebook” since 2010. Also published in the book are five stories written by Professor Hoffbeck’s history students, all MSUM graduates: Michelle Holien Swanson, Jacob Clauson, Dan Bihrle, and Christina Perleberg. The Dakota Datebook book is a publication of the University of North Dakota Digital Press, edited by David Haeselin and William Caraher, in collaboration with Prairie Public Broadcasting, Fargo, ND. The book is available at Prairie Public Radio’s website and from online.