Schedule library instruction for fall semester

Don’t forget to schedule a library session for your courses for fall semester. It is helpful to get in contact with librarians early so that the appropriate spaces can be booked.

Library instruction sessions can be in the library in one of our two computer classrooms or a librarian can come to your classroom. Either way, we tailor a research session around your assignment and course goals. We can schedule for any length of time that works with your curriculum and schedule. Our workshops utilize best practices in effective and engaged teaching, and relate content directly to student learning outcomes and assignments in order to strengthen students’ information literacy skills. 

Librarians can also be an invaluable resource as you prepare course assignments! We can also create web-based guides, libguides, for specific courses or assignments. Check out libguides at They are searchable by subject and keyword.

Please let us know how we can help you help our students be more successful.

To schedule an instruction session, email Brittney Goodman, High Impact Practices Librarian and the lead librarian scheduling library instruction, at with details about the goals for the workshop and some suggested dates/time. If your department or area has a librarian serving as your liaison, your department chair will be notifying you and you may choose to work directly with your liaison to schedule instruction. If you are unsure, email Brittney and she will connect you.