Drs. Peterson, Sadikovic, Harmon attend NASPA Student Success Conference

Recently Drs. Aaron Peterson, Belma Sadikovic, and Renée Harmon from the Educational Leadership Graduate Studies program traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend the NASPA 2019 Student Success Conference, which was really four conferences in one. The themes addressed at the conference were Assessment, Persistence, and Data Analytics, Closing the Achievement Gap, First-generation Success, and Student Financial Wellness. There were over one thousand attendees from higher education institutions across the country. The conference provided the faculty team with a strong understanding of the current issues and trends happening in higher education, specifically for first-generation college students and students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

About the conference, Dr. Peterson said, “This multi-track conference was a fantastic opportunity to hear from Student Affairs leaders what types of challenges the Higher Education arena is experiencing right now, and how we as faculty can hone our craft to make a true impact for the students we all serve.”

Dr. Sadikovic shared her thoughts, “Attending the NASPA Conference in Orlando, FL, afforded me the opportunity to learn from various leaders in higher education, and explore the ways in which equity, inclusion, and social justice inform my work. The workshops challenged me to think critically about leadership and my role as faculty at MSUM.”

Dr. Harmon explained, “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the leaders in Student Affairs and hear how they are drawing awareness to current issues in higher education. It was great to be surrounded by change-agents who care about student needs and the future of higher education.”

To learn more about NASPA and all of the events offered by the organization, visit: https://www.naspa.org