Student Senate election results

Student Senate elections were held earlier in April. Congratulations to the following students who were elected.

President: William Hagen
Vice-President: Maryam Adepitan 
Treasurer: Emily Deglman
Secretary: Jill Maahs

Senators at Large: Ritu Pandey, Bijeta Gurung, Nico Arias 
International Student Senator: Mohammad Azad

College Seats:
Business and innovation: Anna Nije, Haroon Al Hayder
Education and human services: Baylee Hanson
Humanities and Social Sciences: Seblewongel Dagne
Science, Health and the Environment: Ethan Gerbig and Arsema Mekonnen

For any students still interested in serving on Student Senate in 2019-20, appointments will be made to fill open seats during the Fall Semester. For more information visit Student Senate on DragonCentral.