“Sorority” is a pretty familiar term in the college world, but “Panhellenic Association” might not be as well known. We interviewed Mikayla Kludt and Abigail Holmquist, the new President and Vice President of Recruitment for the Panhellenic Association. Keep reading to learn more about the Panhellenic Association and their tips for getting involved on campus!

What is the Panhellenic Association?

“I like to explain the Panhellenic association like sorority congress. You must be involved in either Delta Zeta or Gamma Phi Beta to be in the Panhellenic Association, but once you have joined a sorority, you are automatically in the association,” said Kludt. 

“Membership to the sorority and Panhellenic are one in the same,” Holmquist added. “We are basically like the national government and each sorority chapter is like their own state, and therefore has their own government in addition to ours.”

Why did you join the Panhellenic Association?

“Joining the Panhellenic Association is automatic upon joining a sorority, so it seemed like less of a choice when I first joined,” said Kludt. “However, I ran to become the VP of Communication a couple months later because I wanted to foster bonds between Greek organizations on campus and am very enthusiastic about the Panhellenic philanthropy. This year, I decided to run for president for similar reasons.”

“I chose to run for a Panhellenic office during my first semester as an active member in my sorority, and I am so glad I did,” said Holmquist. “I wanted to be on the Panhellenic council to learn more about what the Panhellenic Association does, the philanthropy Circle of Sisterhood, and create relationships with other members in Greek Life!”

Why should someone join the Panhellenic Association? 

“If you like supporting philanthropy, developing leadership skills, or networking and gaining meaningful relationships, Greek life and the Panhellenic Association are a great place to look,” said Kludt. “So often, people think of Greek life as what they’ve seen in movies, but especially on our campus, it is a close community of truly amazing people who want to make our world a better place.”

“I would recommend joining the Panhellenic Association and a sorority on campus if you are looking to get involved with an organization that provides opportunities to develop your leadership skills, and hold you to a higher academic standard,” said Holmquist. “You are provided with a network of people all over the world that will know you are capable of operating at a higher professional standard because you were Greek. You will be given more networking opportunities with Greek life alumi than you could ever imagine!”

As a student leader on campus, what is your advice to other students?

“Get involved! If something sounds interesting, give it a shot. The worst thing that can happen is that you go and end up not being interested, but the best-case scenario is that you make lifelong friends and oodles of amazing memories,” said Kludt.

“I would recommend branching out to try things you never thought you would,” said Holmquist. “I never thought I would be in a sorority, and here I am loving the enrichment it has brought to my life. College is a time to have fun, explore, and become the best you can possibly be!”

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