Are you looking for something to do during your study breaks? Maybe you’re wondering how other people seem to know all the fun events happening on campus while you’re left in the dark. The key to being “in the know” for everything that’s happing on campus is DragonCentral! So, what is DragonCentral? It’s your home for getting active, connected and engaged at MSUM. You can login with your StarID through the main site or the Corq app for easy access. Here are three reasons to login to DragonCentral today:

1. Find Events and RSVP

Looking for something to do? Login to DragonCentral and find events happening right on campus! From grocery bag bingo, to concerts, bowling and open swim, there is something fun for everyone. On top of that, you can filter event searches to find out which ones have free food or prizes, special themes or fit into different categories. You can even RSVP to customize your own event schedule that will create an “Up Next for You” section for easy viewing. So, what are you waiting for? Login to DragonCentral and check out what’s happening!

2. Join and Connect with Student Orgs

DragonCentral is also the information hub for more than 110 student organizations on campus. Interested in joining a student org? Look no further than DragonCentral to find fellow dragons with the same interests, major, or hobbies as you. Through DragonCentral, you can see when organizations meet, who the leaders are, and what kind of events the organization hosts. 

3. Track Volunteer Involvement in College

With all the volunteering opportunities available, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to track your hours? DragonCentral has you covered! Log your volunteer hours on the site to show how you’ve contributed to the community – and that can be good information for future job interviews. And if you have any classes, programs or organizations that require volunteer hours, you can track those in DragonCentral too! 

We’ve given you only three of the many reasons you should be using DragonCentral. You can also get DragonCentral on your phone by downloading the Corq app and selecting MSUM as your college. From Corq, you can add events to your calendar so you never miss out on the fun opportunities MSUM provides through student life. 

Ready to start exploring? Click here to login to DragonCentral