Seeking undergraduate research assistant in psychology

Undergraduate research assistant needed in the psychology department. We are working on a large project that studies the attachment, mental health and online and offline friendships. We have a large data set and would like to give 1 or 2 highly motivated, advanced, undergraduate students the opportunity to write up a research poster using part of the data set to try to present at the American Psychological Association Conference, in Chicago this summer. The undergraduate student would be expected to be first author on this conference presentation and put in the required writing time and effort to merit first authorship. This is a great opportunity to get some research experience and a national conference presentation on your CV.

This would involve 20-30 hours of work in the next month to prepare the submission (deadline is December 3) and another 2-3 credits of work to write up the conference poster in the spring.

We are unable to offer funding to travel to the conference, but I would be happy to help you find some potential funding sources. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact me ASAP.

Dr. Edwards –
Undergraduate Research –