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Finding your inner Dragon

The world needs more Dragons. Of course, this is a metaphorical statement, to be totally honest I would be a little afraid if there were literal dragons running rampant across campus. To be a (figurative) Dragon means that you are hardworking and dedicated. A few defining characteristics of Dragons are strength, ambition and energy. Dragons have strength to take on whatever they put their mind to, they are ambitious enough to accomplish anything and they have the energy to persevere.

Dragons enjoy a challenge. They protect what’s theirs. In fairytales dragons are usually guarding something, like a castle (i.e. Shrek). Dragons are mighty leaders who are fiercely themselves no matter what. They have thick skin. Now, I’m not advising you to skip the moisturizer and grow scales—just don’t let things get you down. Dragons are always able to bounce back and they never let people or circumstances get the best of them. Plus, they also love to take naps. Take it from Rosie, she does it all the time.

Dragons breathe fire. Again, not literally, that could be very hazardous. Dragons have the bravery to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in. Dragons are not afraid of anything, they are full of grit, humility and heart. Lots and lots of heart.

We are all Dragons here.

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Emma Harris

Emma Harris
Admissions Marketing Assistant
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