Want to share information with students, faculty and staff? Submit your information to Dragon Digest and Student News!

We welcome submissions regarding faculty, staff or student organization meetings; events on campus; MSUM-sponsored events within our community; departmental announcements; points of pride about students, faculty, staff and alumni; and more.

The submissions form is located at news.mnstate.edu/submission. Please follow the guidelines outlined below.

Selecting an Audience

When submitting the form, please be sure to check the boxes next to your intended audience. Carefully consider who your intended audience is prior to submission.

  • Student News is sent to current, enrolled graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Dragon Digest (Employee News) is sent to all MSUM faculty and staff.

Submission Guidelines

In order for your submission to be included in a timely manner, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All submissions must come through the Dragon Digest and Student News submission form, located at news.mnstate.edu/submission. If you are unsure if your submission went through, or need additional clarification, please contact dragondigest@mnstate.edu.
  • Submissions must be received prior to 8 a.m. on the day in which you wish it to run. If it is not received by this time, it will be saved for the next day’s email. In order to ensure your submission is included when intended, please submit at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Provide a detailed message with event details and call to action in the “Message” field of the submission form. This information will appear in the body of the post.
  • Images and website links are welcome additions to Dragon Digest and Student News submissions. Please ensure your attachment is uploaded to the form before submission. If you wish for an image to be included, submit as a .jpg or .png file. PDFs will be included as text links.
  • Include the date, time and location of your event. A submission will not run if further clarification to any of the above is needed. The submission will only be included in the daily email after clarification is received.
  • Promotion of events will not occur more than two weeks in advance, and will thereafter be included in daily emails at the discretion of the Marketing Team. We encourage you to submit events on DragonCentral and MSUM’s Master Calendar.
  • Designate one point of contact for each event or submission in your school, department or student organization. This helps alleviate duplicate submissions with conflicting information.
  • If you wish a submission to be included more than once, please indicate within your submission in the “How long do you want your ad to run?” fields. Again, event promotion will be included at the discretion of the Marketing Team after first posting.

Questions? Please contact dragondigest@mnstate.edu or call 218.477.2399.