New freshmen Honors Apprentices are in need of supervisors this fall! Apprentices spend five hours a week with a faculty or staff mentor on research or creative activities that involve internship-level work (not work-study, general office duties, or homework hours).

The goal of the apprenticeship is to have the student work with a mentor who can provide valuable, collaborative experiences in their field of study. Supervising an Honors Apprentice has many benefits for both you and the student:

  • HA recipients have demonstrated academic excellence and are among the highest achieving students of their class
  • The HA includes a stipend so that the student is required to apprentice for an average of 5 hours/week
  • The student must maintain a satisfactory GPA
  • The apprenticeship helps to foster close student-faculty relationships

Faculty and staff who are interested in supervising an Honors Apprentice, please contact Lisa Nawrot at with a possible apprentice position description. For more information see the HA website for sample position descriptions and a list of FAQs about the Honors Apprentice Scholarship.