A university Sam’s Club and Costco membership is available to be used for university-approved purchases. Individual department memberships will no longer be approved.

The process for using the university’s Sam’s Club or Costco membership follows:

  • Pick up the membership card at the store service desk before shopping or picking up your order. A backup membership card is located in Business Services.
  • A list of authorized users will be located at the service desk. Your name must be on that list in order to pick up the card.
  • Inform the cashier of our tax-exempt status BEFORE purchasing your business items.  This tax-exempt number is located on your purchasing card.
  • Return the membership card where you picked it up.
  • Include the itemized receipt when reconciling your purchasing card statement at the end of the month.

Important things to remember:

  • You CANNOT use the university membership to purchase personal items.
  • DO NOT accept cash back rewards if offered. This will go towards the annual membership renewal.
  • You MUST use your university purchasing card for payment.
  • The membership card MUST be returned to the place you picked it up at (ie. Service desk/Business Services office).
  • Online ordering for store pickup is also available.
  • If a student employee will be picking up items, they MUST be an approved driver through the Driver’s License Verification process.

Please contact Business Services if you want to be added as an authorized user to use the Sam’s Club/Costco memberships.