Comstock Memorial Union
CMU Time Capsule

CMU Time Capsule

On February 14th, 2018, we re-dedicated the Comstock Memorial Union 50 years to the day it was originally dedicated in 1968. Along with the re-dedication, we revealed a time capsule which was constructed by local artist and woodworker Tom Kemmer of Kemmco.

Kemmer was hired to create a unique time capsule built similarly like a treasure chest. The box construction features finger joints highlighting two different kinds of woods with the cover of the chest curved. The hardware is a combination of leather hinges, and straps, with some hand forged metal components.


The box itself is simple in design, but the joinery techniques, and leather and metal accents are what sets it apart. With a refined rustic feel, the imprinted and etched leather straps, and finishing natural wax, the time capsule will hold items related to the year of celebration.


A list of items sealed in the capsule:

  • History postcards used at a variety of events
  • 50th commemorative pin
  • Postcard invitation to 10/7/17 Celebration
  • Re-dedication Program from 2/14/18
  • 50th stickers
  • 50th keychain
  • Re-dedication Invitation
  • Najam Usmani Keynote Information
  • Photos from all the different events
  • 50th Birthday party hats
  • 50th balloons
  • individual notes written by students and the campus community  that were collected at the 2/14/18 event
  • information on the time capsule itself
  • planning notes from Annie Wood
  • Layne Anderson’s dedication speech
  • Olivia Bain’s artist statement
  • Campus articles written about the events