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Top 8 questions to ask an MSUM Admissions Representative: Answered

Top 8 questions to ask an MSUM Admissions Representative: Answered

1. What is living on campus like?
We require first year students to live on campus in one of our 8 residence halls. Living on campus is a great way of meeting new friends, taking part in student activities, and getting to know the campus in your first year.

2. What are the most important deadlines I need to keep in mind?
We do not have a hard application deadline, but you’ll want to get your application completed ASAP to ensure a smooth transition to MSUM. Housing is based on “first-come, first-served,” so the earlier is always the better! And for Financial Aid, you can submit your FAFSA as early as October 1st each year.

3. Do you offer financial aid and how do I apply for it?
We offer loans and grants to incoming students that submit a FAFSA to our Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. We also offer both competitive and automatic scholarships. Learn more about Financial Aid and Scholarships.

4.What is the admission criteria?
Our admission criteria can be found here for freshman students or here for transfer students. If you don’t meet this criteria, apply anyway! If you are not offered admission, you can submit an appeal through a simple process which will then be reviewed by a committee.

5. What is the cost of attendance for MSUM?
At MSUM our tuition rate is based on “banded tuition,” which means we only ever charge our students for 12 credits each semester. Because of that, our cost of attendance is one of the lowest of four-year institutions in Minnesota.

6. Will you accept my college level classes I’ve taken in High School?
We evaluate everyone’s college-level classes to determine if they will transfer in at MSUM. Make sure that you send us your official college transcripts so that we can take a look and see how they transfer.

7. What opportunities are there for my major at MSUM?
In Fargo-Moorhead, there’s plenty of opportunity for experiential learning as part of your major. Things such as job shadowing, mentorship programs, or internships can be really beneficial to your studies. For some programs internships are required, but for any program, it’s always a good thing to consider!

8. What is the Fargo/Moorhead community like?
Fargo-Moorhead is big enough and small enough for people from near and far. With many local events and places to eat, there’s always something to do in between studying.

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