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5 things I wish I would’ve known about the college admissions process

5 things I wish I would’ve known about the college admissions process

1. It doesn’t matter how many schools you apply to
I only applied to one school. I toured about 5 different schools, but after that I knew where I wanted to go. I knew I met the admissions criteria, so I had no problem when it came to being accepted. However, if you are someone that is nervous about getting into your top choice it is okay to apply to more than one school. Applying to a college does not mean that you HAVE to go there. You may not have gotten to choose where you go to high school, but where you go to college is entirely up to you.

2. Everyone will ask about your future plans
And it’s okay to say “I don’t know.” You are not required by anyone to have your entire life planned out. College is there to you to explore and help you decide what you want to do with your future. Just because you don’t have a sole passion, major, career path, etc. doesn’t mean you’re not ready for college. When you’re in the midst of your college search ask yourself “could this place help me decide what I want in my future?”

3. Even though you’ve wanted to go to somewhere since you were five, give other colleges a chance
I have known so many people that have had their heart set on a certain school forever, and when they finally get there, it was nothing like they thought it was. Just because a school has a certain name, or reputation, that may not mean that it is the perfect school for you. Make sure you are open to what other colleges have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

4. You need to discuss finances
I had a cousin who was set on a school that was out of state. Her mom is a flight attendant so it didn’t cost them much to fly out to visit the campus. When my cousin told her parents that she wanted to go to this school, it broke her heart when they responded saying there was no way they could afford it. Make sure you have the talk about what you can and can’t afford and look for schools that fit your budget.

5. The college process should be fun, not intimidating. So don’t be afraid to ask for help
Asking questions and getting in contact with a school you’re interested in is a great way to learn about what schools have to offer. Get in contact with an admissions representative at that school let them know you’re interested. This make a great impression for you as an applicant and can be very beneficial if you decide to enroll.

Macie Miller

Macie Miller
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