The new website is designed to be student-centered, with most internal business content moved to SharePoint. Faculty and staff can access internal business content by clicking the Employee Login link found in the footer and choosing the SharePoint/Minnesota State Connect option. After logging in with a StarID, employees are brought to the main intranet connect homepage where they can navigate to division sites either from the top bar or the rotating carousel (permissions to access division content are in place).

The work to shift to a website that is student-centered and the internal business content to the Minnesota State Connect intranet (SharePoint) has been directed by the newly formed Web Governance and Web Tactical Teams at Minnesota State. The long-term goal of these teams is to holistically and continuously refine the Minnesota State website and intranet by providing direction, setting priorities, and using analytics, usability and accessibility in decision making. More information can be found on the Web Governance and Tactical Teams site, including:

  • Charters and team members
  • Website vision and purpose
  • Website standards
  • Website best practices

We’re committed to this work and will continue to focus efforts on organizing content on the website and intranet. Questions or ideas for the Web Governance and Tactical Teams can be forwarded to for discussion at an upcoming meeting