A team of MSUM faculty and staff engaged in meetings and training for Minnesota Remembers Vietnam at the Minnesota Humanities Center in St. Paul over the weekend. Shireen Alemadi and Danielle Page attended the Program Directors meeting, while Dr. Lisa Nawrot and Elizabeth Evert Karnes completed two intense days of facilitator training. After competitive application process, MSUM was selected as one of six host communities in the state of Minnesota.

The purpose of this 18-month initiative is to inspire Minnesotans to share stories, recognize bravery, express reasons for dissent and foster understanding around the lasting impact of war. MSUM will focus on collecting the untold stories of the war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, including those of veterans, immigrants, protestors, war correspondents, families of soldiers and many more.

The facilitator training retreat included workshopping a variety of discussion facilitation techniques. Participants explored ways to facilitate group discussion as a form of engagement, of holding space, where we can be mindful, promote story sharing, and appreciate absent narratives.

MSUM will begin Minnesota Remembers Vietnam events next month.

For more information on the initiative, visit mnhum.org/vets/vietnam.​