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Najam Usmani – The Power of Connections

Najam Usmani – The Power of Connections

You’re invited to Najam Usmani‘s on-campus leadership talk, “The Power of Connections,”on February 14th at 3pm in the CMU Ballroom. The talk will be followed by the re-dedication of the CMU at 4pm in the Main Lounge!

Najam Usmani Profile


Join us in welcoming a 1992 graduate of MSU Moorhead, Najam Usmani, a Dragon who exemplifies Grit, Humility, and Heart. Usmani immigrated to the United States from Pakistanat the age of 19 and at MSUM earned degrees in Finance and Computer Information Systems.


 Finding ways to serve others and helping them succeed, Usmani founded the Champ Camp, to build the next generation of leaders. In addition, Usmani also began a charity to invest in the community and a monthly community service
project, EmPOWERed.

usmani's with bill clinton

As an active member in his communities, Usmani also spends time working with high-level decision makers including U.S. senators and Former President Bill Clinton.
Join us on February 14th and learn about the power of connections and the opportunities that come from networking!

Want to know a bit more about Usmani and his life? Check out this fascinating timeline in Usmani’s own words to see what he was up to from 1989-2017!

Najam Usmani Timeline:

Usmani with Hillary Clinton

1989: Immigrated to the United States at the age of 19; watched TV serial “Perfect Stranger” – always dreamt about being in Chicago

1992: Graduated with honors from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in Finance and Computer and Information Science

1994: Moved to Chicago doing contract work in accounting and waiting tables at night to pay the bills

najam with a group of people

1995: Got married and took up computer systems as a career; saw his career soar

1998: Started his own computer consulting firm and tasted what it’s like to be independent and getting paid extremely handsomely; road the Y2K wave

2001: Took a corporate American job with pay cut in half

2004: Bought his first franchise with Jackson Hewitt Tax service in MI

2005: Expanded the Tax franchise in Charlotte, NC; overtime became the top 50 franchises in the countryNajam with a person (likely a senator)

2015: Started Real Estate Holdings and flipping company; flipped 30 properties in two years with plans to do many more

2016: Involved in American political system to have an opportunity to serve others; started EmPOWERed ; started Champ Camp

2017: Sold Tax franchise business after building it to over 40 locations across North Carolina; started Real Estate business into land and apartment complexes

najam with leadership group