Comstock Memorial Union
Then and Now: The Underground

Then and Now: The Underground

The Comstock Memorial Union opened its doors in April of 1967 and since then has been a home for MSUM students to gather and make memories for the past 50 years.

October 7, 2017 is the day where present and former students, staff, and faculty can gather together to relive old memories and make new memories through free food, bowling, Unglued crafting, mini golf, live music, video arcade games, and socializing with friends from the past.

There will also be an opportunity for people to get a glimpse into the history of the CMU.  Over the past 50 years, there have been quite a few changes that have shaped this building into what it is today.  During the CMU 50th Anniversary Celebration, the Dragon Ambassadors will be giving a Then and Now tour of the Comstock Memorial Union to reminisce on what used to be and to showcase what has become.A black and white image of the Wooden Nickel with a performance taking place on stage

There were many different areas around the CMU that are sure to bring back memories to any alums.  The Then and Now tour of the CMU is a great way for students of now to learn about what used to be and for students of the past to remember what things used to be like and to see how they have changed.

One of the many stops along the way will be the door leading to the Underground.

Long before the Underground became what it is today, the space under the CMU was known as the Wooden Nickel. For many years, the Wooden Nickel catered to students with live music and food.  In the 1980s, the Wooden Nickel turned into The Underground.A picture of the bar of the Wooden Nickel that is still in the Underground today

The original Underground was an on-campus, non-alcoholic nightclub that offered entertainment for students on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  The Underground hosted bands, comedians, and other entertainers, as well as served non-alcoholic drinks, popcorn, and other refreshments—there was even a lunch option that was served from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. for a reasonable price.  It was only opened to college students, and frequently ran promotions to keep students interested in safe entertainment right on their own campus.

Many alums will remember all of the fun dances and nights spent at the Underground.  It was a safe and fun place for students to blow off steam, and make a little money working.A black and white image of small, round tables being set up in the Wooden Nickel

Saturday, October 7 is an evening where students, staff, and faculty from past and present can come together to share memories, eat delicious food, and see all of the changes that have taken place at the Comstock Memorial Union over the past 50 years.

So come see what we have going on at the CMU.  Enjoy food and live music, play games, and create crafts and memories—all on October 7 from 5-9.