Faculty from the Department of Anthropology and Earth Science attended the 2017 Minnesota GIS and LIS Conference in Bemidji. In addition, David Kramar and Valquiria Quirino supported the MSUM student scholar, Jacob Larson. David and Val presented two papers at the conference:

Application of Non-NIR Vegetation Indices on a Standard UAS Platform

Comparing Classification of NAIP and UAS Imagery Using Object-Based Image Analysis Methods

Both presentations garnered significant interest from the audience. After the presentations several folks expressed interest in collaborating on projects using these techniques. We anticipated that both of these presentations will result in peer-reviewed publications. David is also now participating on the Statewide GIS Standards Committee.

Jacob Larson presented his paper entitled “Spatial Analysis of Seismicity in Oklahoma.” Jacob utilized advanced non-parametric modeling techniques to explore the relationship between waste water and His talk also garnered substantial interest and was well received by the audience.

All in all, the conference was a success and we look forward to the new opportunities that functions like this provide.