Bee Wisenden publishes paper in Clinical Anatomy journal

Bee Wisenden (Biosciences Department) published a peer-reviewed paper in the journal Clinical Anatomy entitled “Emotional response of undergraduates to cadaver dissection.” This research was based on the experiences of MSUM students enrolled in BIOL 323 Human Anatomy. Cadaver dissection evokes an emotional response that affects some students more than others, and can be a barrier to learning. In this paper, the results of experimental pedagogy are reported that showed that humanization of donors (providing information about the donor’s occupation, health history, cause of death) helps some students feel more comfortable learning course material. There are five MSUM undergraduate co-authors on this paper (Katherine Budke, Chelsea Klemetson, Tana Kurtti, Chandi Patel and Trenda Schwantz) who helped administer the survey, collate the data and present earlier versions of this research at the Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference.