MSUM Physics and Astronomy Seminar Series

Friday, Sept. 22 | 3-4 p.m. | HA 325

MSUM Physics and Astronomy Seminar Series Presents: “Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences: Why You Should Apply.”

The Physics and Astronomy Department regularly encourages students to develop research skills and make use of these in a variety of professional settings. This past summer, a number of undergraduates were accepted into summer research positions. These students will share their experience with us: 

  • Erin Aadland: Astrophysics REU in Utah
  • Jane Glanzer: Distance 101
  • Stefan Nelson: REU in Applied Math at Iowa State
  • Paige Meyer: Veritas Software Engineering
  • Elias Holte: Developing Binary Star Imaging Support Software at NASA Ames Research Center