Enebechi participates in a SURF research experience

Chidubem “Nuela” Enebechi participated in a SURF summer research program at Purdue University. Nuela is currently at senior majoring in computer science. While at Purdue, she worked with Dr. Pablo Zavattieri on a project of Modelling of Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (PXCM). Their research examines materials that can go through a high impact deformation and then return back to their original form. Nuela has gained valuable knowledge and experience during her three months working with NanaoHub researchers, other SURF student researchers, graduate students, and Purdue faculty. 

Nuela (right) pictured with her graduate student mentor Yunlan Zhang.

Nuela credits MSUM faculty and staff for preparing her intellectually to obtain a fellowship that is competitive in nature.

Upon graduation this May, Nuela hopes to enter a direct doctorate degree program.

Here is the link to a YouTube video with Nuela discussing her research: https://youtu.be/WAdEFmTttOI.