Wednesday, April 12 | 4-4:50 p.m. | Bridges 268

Featuring MSUM Mathematics majors Samantha Swenson and Zach Snell | Penrose Tilings; Methods and Fairness in Voting Theory 

Samantha Swenson will be speaking on “Penrose Tilings”

Penrose Tilings are an aperiodic way of tiling the plane (covering the plane with interlocking pieces that fit together with no overlaps and no gaps). We will discuss the tiles that are used to create these interesting tilings and the fact that there are infinitely many different tilings that can be produced using Penrose tiles.

Zach Snell will be speaking on “Methods and Fairness in Voting Theory”

We will define what is meant by a fair voting system. We will then look at a few specific voting methods and determine whether or not they meet the criteria for being fair. We will also discuss Arrow’s Theorem and some real life examples of voting.