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Feature Tuesday – KMSC Dragons Radio

Feature Tuesday – KMSC Dragons Radio

Welcome to this week’s “Feature Tuesday”! This week’s organization is KMSC Dragons Radio. See what Ashley Rezachek, Station Manager, has to say!

KMSC at Dragon Fest
Station manager Ashley Rezachek [right] and Program Director Kaela Zirbes [left].
What is the organization’s purpose? To provide students with real life experience in radio broadcasting while having fun!

Are there any upcoming events your organization is hosting? We will be volunteering every third Monday of the month at the Dorothy Day Food Pantry.

What is the basis of your organization’s activity? We are an on-campus Radio Station.  We broadcast on the dial at 1500 am, we stream at and you can watch/listen to us in the dorms on Channel 98.1.  We welcome any student in any major to become a DJ!

What do you think students would benefit from by joining your organization? Students would have the opportunity to improve their communication skills and confidence.  KMSC also gives student access to new music before it comes out to the general public.  The radio station allows for students’ voices to be heard.

How does your organization get active, connected, and involved on campus and within the community? We table at the major events on campus, we are active on our social media pages and we volunteer in the community.  Last year we helped host a Spring Break Dance for students on campus and we hope to do something similar to that this year.  There is also an opportunity to earn practicum credit through KMSC.

Does your organization meet regularly? If so, when and where?We have a few meetings per semester. However, if you are interested in meeting with one of our Heads of Staff stop by KMSC’s Office during our office hours, which are posted on Our office is located in Flora Frick 239. Or send us an email at

What is the goal of your organization? To give students a fun activity to be involved in and give students an opportunity to have real life experience in radio broadcasting and let their voices be heard.

Does your organization have any social media pages or groups that interested students can access? We have a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter (@KMSC1500AM). We also have our application available if you are interested in joining KMSC.


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