Twenty-nine new members of the freshman honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta, were initiated into the local chapter on Saturday, April 9. ALD honors high academic achievement in the first year of college. Founded in 1924, the society now has 276 chapters and over a million members.
MSUM has had an ALD chapter for 50 years. Students in our local chapter perform service activities during their sophomore year, and have access to leadership training and scholarship opportunities at the national level.

New ALD initiates are Katie Aanstad, Anna Almquist, Alaina Belanger, Dami Berg, Julia Blommel, Michelle Bruer, Alaina Dabill, Erin DeMaria, Elias Eid, Amanda Erickson, Laura Grimm, MIchael Hajostek, Shayna Harms, Casey Johnson, Rebecca Kamrath, Amber Keller, Amanda Lee, Madison Lykken, Brianna Overstreet, Rahil Pereira, Katelyn Petersen, Matthew Rosebrock, Aleta Sanford, Grace Schuler, Pragyan Subba, Mackenzie Timm, Paige Walth, Carrie Wendt and Kayla Wilken.

New initiates were welcomed by current officers Jordan Heinen, Brooke Mistic, Mariah Kinneberg, Brittany Kasprick, and Nicole Ouradnik, along with Janet Haak, chapter advisor and Director of Study Abroad, and Dr. Jack Healy, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, along with family and friends. Congratulations to all new ALD members!