MSUM Bioscience students presented at the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Donna M. Bruns Stockrahm and Sara J. Anderson, Biosciences Department, attended the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society in Mankato, MN, on 9-11 February 2016 and mentored the following MSUM Bioscience students presenting their research at the meeting: Scotty Buchholz, Elisabeth (Elli) Teige, Jessica Lindstrom, Sarah S. Sanderson, Jessica L. Loeffler, Marissa M. Reeves, Eberardo C. Barragan, Jordan J. White, Jaime L. Kallstrom, Annika M. Bordak. Five posters were presented on the following topics: Turtle Ecology, Bee DNA-based Diversity, Goose Nesting Ecology, and Small Mammal Ecology. The following Bioscience students also attended the meeting: Tiffany Greiger, Miranda Sater, Blair Posusta, and John Reynolds.