Speech Language Pathology Graduate Students and Professors Present Research at National Conference

The following faculty and student research was presented at the annual Speech Language Hearing Association conference in Denver, CO Nov. 12-14, 2015.

Graduate students Jen DeBlieck and Nicole McAleer and SLHS faculty Nancy Paul and Elaine Pyle presented:
Entry-Level SLPs’ Perceptions of Effectiveness of Graduate School Education: A National Study. This study was designed and begun during the SLP 601 research class involving participation of the entire graduate class of 2016.

Graduate students Emma Van Valkenburg and Inga Sveen mentored by SLHS faculty Elaine Pyle & Kris Vossler presented thesis research on The Experiences of Individuals With Down Syndrome as They Transition Out of High School.

Graduate student Jenna Wavrin & SLHS faculty member, Nancy Paul presented a portfolio paper on
Evaluating the Evidence for Oral Motor Exercises in the Treatment of Adult Onset Dysarthria.
Graduate student Kate Grogan & SLHS faculty member Nancy Paul presented thesis research on
Investigation of Modified Response Elaboration Training Approach to Aphasia Treatment.

SLHS faculty members Elaine Pyle & Joni Mehrhoff copresented on
Implementation of Concept Mapping as a Learner-Centered Instructional Activity: Student Perceptions & Lessons Learned.

In addition, SLHS faculty emeritus Richard Adler presented on
Supporting the Modification of Voice & Resonance With Speakers Who are Transgender