MSUM Planetarium hosts Geek_Meet_Live tonight!

Tuesday, September 8, 6:30 pm

We are geeks, nerds, hackers, and everything in between. The group was founded primarily on a common interest in diving deeper into web platforms, frameworks, technologies, and best practices. We want to create a solid community where geeks can get together, get to know their peers and share there knowledge in an industry that is ALWAYS changing.

While the founding/organizing geeks happen to be web geeks, geeks come in many flavors. If your thing is using nodejs embedded on a microcontroller on a UAV, we want you to join us (and show us your stuff)! If you hooked up all the lights in your living space to an arduino or rasbpi, come out of the woodwork and show it off! Kali linux on a thumb drive? You belong here! Civic hacker, code cracker, data nerd, prob & stats junkie… all welcome.