Senior Capstone Films: The School of Media Arts & Design invites the MSUM and Fargo-Moorhead communities to the screening of Capstone films and animations . See details below:

Friday, May 1
Weld Hall, Glasrud Auditorium, 7 p.m.

Life and Times – Caleb Stumpfl and Jamie Gregor
Bipolar Guide to Getting Down – David Juhl, Molly Zachmeier, Tom Zach, and Brandon Potucek
Limbo – Anthony Ring and Yasunori Hirose
Reunion – Masaki Katsuyama, Alex Nelson, Luke Safely, and Zach Suckerman

Break (Refreshments)

Død – Anders Amundson, Dillan Folkerts, and Falcon Gott
Finn – Dylan Johnson, Samuel Romfo, and Nick Walters
Für – Naoya Uchida, Sean Collins, and Michelle Blasko
The End of the Road – Miah Detjen, Gillian Nelson, and Michie Xiong