For the first time ever College for Kids & Teens is offering classes in June and July for students in K-12. Visit to check out the schedule and descriptions for this summer. There are new classes – such as Exploring World Music (taught by Dr. Kenyon Williams), Basics of Rugby, How to give a Sheet a Sunburn (taught be Meghan Duda), 3D Printing and Programming and more!! Many favorites are back as well – Kids and Clay, Grossology, LEGO Robotics and Paint Like Picasso – just to name a few.

A discount is also available this year – Register for 3 and the 4th is FREE. This discount applies to all courses registered for by one family. Finally, a MSUM scholarship has been set up for College for Kids & Teens alums – if a student attends College for Kids & Teens and then comes to MSUM for college they are qualified for the scholarship as Freshman!!

If you have any questions contact Shireen Alemadi, Director of College for Kids & Teens at or 218-477-2579.