Join Women’s and Gender Studies for the last WGS colloquium presentation of the semester on Friday from 11:30am-1:00pm in the Women’s Center (Bridges 154).

WGS Director Kandace Creel Falcón will present “Searching for Women’s Lives in More Than Just “muted shades”: A Chicana feminist archival search for Mexicana Railroad Women in Kansas

Description of the talk:
Blending the contemporary and historical in a feminist interdisciplinary approach this presentation explores Chicana identity in the Midwest by engaging the absence of women in the traditional archive alongside their historical presence in newspaper narratives. Through investigating the presence and absence of Chicanas corresponding with the expansion of the railroad in the Midwest, Creel Falcón reclaims and recovers feminist narratives of Mexican-origin women’s migrations and challenges the nation-state to recognize their claims to deep roots in the Midwest to fulfill Emma Pérez’s call to “write Chicanas into history.”