In the days leading up to the Volunteer & Service Fair (on Feb. 3 from 11am-2pm in the CMU Ballroom), we will be highlighting organizations in the Moorhead-Fargo community that you can meet during the fair.

Dorothy Day House of Hospitality

How does your organization serve our community?

The Fargo-Moorhead Dorothy Day House of Hospitality has emergency shelter and food pantry programs that provide basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter to people in our community.

How can students best serve with your organization?

We currently have three Shelter Advocate positions open, and students have often filled these positions. In addition, students can volunteer, intern, and help with special projects.

Are there particular skillsets that you are looking for in your volunteers?

We welcome volunteers with a variety of skillsets. If you have something specific you’re looking for, let us know!

What specific volunteer opportunities does your organization have for MSUM students?

The two opportunities that we have year-round are: 1.) volunteer at our food pantry, including helping with food distribution and sorting/stocking food, and 2.) planning and preparing a family-style meal for the 13 men that stay at our emergency shelter. Other project related opportunities are available and can be tailored to the student’s field of interest. 

The Dorothy Day House of Hospitality is even within walking distance of MSUM!

Do you have any internship opportunities for students?

Yes, we tailor internships to the strengths of the student and needs of our organization.

What do you appreciate about MSUM?

We appreciate the flexibility and enthusiasm of the students that we have worked with. It is also great that MSUM partners with local nonprofits to give students real life experience and help nonprofits at the same time.

Learn even more about the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality from their website.