Welcome to a new semester full of opportunities for your students to learn and grow.
The Dragon Leadership Program, or DLP, is a unique program at MSUM designed to help students create a personalized leadership experience that will meet their personal and professional interests. The DLP is a great way for students to develop their leadership skills and strengths, through self-reflection, participation, activities in the classroom and community service. As a staff member at MSUM, you interact with many students on campus. We encourage you to talk to your students about joining the Dragon Leadership Program. Completion of this program will increase students’ marketability and professional readiness. The DLP is also constructed so that you can personalize it to meet you academic, professional and personal interests.
The DLP will help students:
o Develop the ability to set personal goals
o Foster consciousness of self and self-confidence
o Collaborate with individuals and teams
o Practice delegating and managing both people and tasks
o Cultivate civic awareness by valuing civic responsibility and practicing engaged citizenship
o Apply effectively the knowledge, skills and competencies from the leadership program to academic coursework
The DLP is currently taking applications from students with any level of leadership experience. Students can apply by answering a few questions and submitting this online form. Spring applications are due on Friday, February 6, 2015.
If you or your students would like more information please feel free to contact dragonleadership@mnstate.edu or check out our webpage at http://www.mnstate.edu/osa/leadership/dragon-leadership-program.aspx
Thank you,
Trevor Rohloff
Graduate assistant