The Office of Campus Sustainability and the Sustainable Campus Initiative Committee chose Jaden Witt as the winner of last semester’s Sustainability Leadership Award. Jaden was nominated for the award for her efforts in leading the Trashless Classrooms initiative in Lommen and Weld Halls. Trashless Classrooms is a trending sustainability initiative whereby trash cans are removed from classrooms and co-located with recycling bins at a central point in a buildings corridors. Jaden led a team including Kailee Epema and  Mackenzie Willits that deftly navigated the challenges of applied sustainability.  One of key points to the success of the project was in communicating the rollout to the students and faculty, and working closely with building services to ensure everyone was on board and all concerns were addressed. Jaden took the reins, and with her teammates they designed, communicated, and executed the project in a determined and professional manner. Congratulations Jaden!

The Sustainability Leadership Award, and its accompanying $500 cash award, was made possible by a generous donation from an MSUM Alumnus. The award is designed to encourage student participation and leadership in the realm of environmental sustainability.  All MSUM students can be nominated for the award. The Spring 2015 nomination period will open on April 1st, for more information contact Joe Herbst with the MSUM Office of Campus Sustainability.