Biosciences research students presented their research at the monthly BReWS (Biosciences REsearch Wednesday Seminars) meeting in HA 104 on Dec 4. About 50 students and 9 faculty were in attendance. This month’s faculty host was Chris Chastain and food for all was provided by Bee Wisenden. There were three presentations:
1) Clarice Wallert, Jillian Fox, Shelby Sieverding & Scott Buchholz (mentored by Mark Wallert) on the role of CHP2 in non small lung cancer cells
2) Whitney Oxendahl (mentored by Dan McEwen) on Mathematical modeling of trophic dynamics in benthic invertebrate communities
3) Robyn Oster (mentored by Dan McEwen) on a test of metabolic theory using midge larvae collected from Arctic tundra ponds.