Spotlight on Service-Learning – Dr. Steven Bolduc

This is the first of what will become monthly segments entitled Spotlight on Service-Learning.  Each monthly Spotlight will highlight the endeavors of one of the many MSUM service-learning practitioners.  This Month’s Spotlight on Service-Learning recognizes Dr. Steven Bolduc.  Dr. Bolduc was recently interviewed regarding his service-learning work.  Bolduc is a professor in the Economics, Law, and Politics department here at MSUM.  Dr. Bolduc has incorporated service-learning into his ECON/WS 305 course for over 10 years.  To read more about Dr. Bolduc, his decision to integrate service-learning into his courses and the benefits his students have by participating in service-learning, please visit the Academic Service-Learning Center link at   Find the Spotlight on Service-Learning tab on the right side of the page to read the entire interview.  If you have any questions about incorporating service-learning into your classes, or just want to find out more about service-learning, contact Dr. Mike Coquyt at

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