Are you ready for #DragonPride Homecoming 2014? If not, let us help you get ready by highlighting a few events we are especially excited for! See all the events on the MSUM Homecoming site.

Monday – Community Block Party – 5:30-8pm – Campus Mall

Why we’re excited: The Block Party is a totally new event this year! We can’t wait to welcome the Moorhead-Fargo community to our campus and show off our #DragonPride.

Tuesday – Battleship – 9pm – Nemzek Pool

Why we’re excited: It’s hilarious to watch teams battle it out while trying to sink one another’s canoes in the pool. Plus, we’re the only university in the area that does this event!

Wednesday – Laps for the Long Run – 5:30pm – Nemzek Stadium

Why we’re excited: President Anne is running to raise over a million dollars for MSUM. How awesome is that? Plus, students and community members have the opportunity to run along side her. And, bonus, there is a Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Fun after President Anne’s laps (which is free, so you should participate!).

Thursday – Dragons of the Past: Lessons Learned – 5pm – Gaede Stage

Why we’re excited: How often to you get to hear stories of “Back in my day…” from your fellow Dragons? Hear stories from some of our Distinguished Dragon Alums and learn more about our campus’s history and all the ways they have helped shape our campus.

Friday – President Anne’s Inauguration Viewing Party – 1:30pm – Campus Mall

Why we’re excited: There are so many reasons we’re excited! We have #AnneFan t-shirts for 1000 students! We have 358 prizes to give away (because President Anne’s race time in the Fargo Marathon was 3:58), which includes 5 students who will get to have lunch with President Anne. At her house. And she will even do the cooking herself! How can you not be excited?! Still not convinced you should be excited? Watch Ceanna’s Top 10 Reasons