97 percent find employment in their field

BY DANIELLE REBEL, Marketing Intern

As students graduate from college, one common thought is on their minds – finding the job of their dreams.

Minnesota State University Moorhead graduates are among the most fortunate in the nation. Of the MSUM 2012 graduates seeking employment, 97 percent found a job in their field of choice in the year following graduation.

Those working at MSUM’s Career Development Center (CDC) attribute this success to the flourishing economic climate of Fargo-Moorhead, the quality of MSUM programs, and active student engagement.

Contrary to other areas of the country, Fargo-Moorhead is an ideal place for students to find jobs after college. Livability.com ranks Fargo as No. 8 in the article, “Top 10 Best Cities for New College Grads in 2014.” The article states new college graduates are provided with a “booming job market” and “a diverse industry base that includes health care, technology, manufacturing and financial services,” all which contribute to the area’s well-balanced economy.

MSUM graduates finding their dream jobs right after graduation isn’t solely due to the economic climate, however. Strong academic programs and student commitment also play a large role in student success.

The CDC says MSUM has a strong reputation for producing graduates who are sought after in the workforce, particularly because of strong critical thinking, team and communication skills acquired while in school. Each of these are attributes employers seek.

Chris Hagen, director of public relations at Flint Communications, said, “Students get real-world experience and internships from most institutions, but at MSUM it’s like they’re more meaningful; their portfolios are very rich and deep. That experience is reflected in their confidence, presentation and passion when they apply for jobs.”

This past year, more than 4,000 students used the CDC’s resources for resume review and job search assistance, and about 900 attended workshops and career fairs, all of which help students prepare for jobs after graduation.

“MSUM graduates not only interview well and are prepared, but they also match our culture at Discovery Benefits. We believe in open and transparent communication, endless education and training, asking questions and continual improvement to not only provide the best customer service but to grow and develop our employees,” said Sue Hanish Anderson, director of Client Account Services at Discovery Benefits, Inc. “I am always encouraged when I see an interview is scheduled with an MSUM graduate; they raise the bar!”

Students, alumni and community members are encouraged to access the CDC. In the last year, the CDC was in contact with 3,500 community members – almost all of who were non-students; alumni receive the lifetime benefit of one-on-one appointments with career counselors and other services such as interview coaching.

Other Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) look to MSUM as the university continues to blaze a trail of excellence in the percent of graduates employed in a field of their choice. Other four-year MnSCU employment rates:

Southwest Minnesota State University – 91.6%
Winona State University – 80.2%
Minnesota State University, Mankato 78%
St. Cloud State University – 77.3%
Bemidji State University – 76.6%
Metropolitan State University – 74.4%

For an in-depth look at what MSUM graduates are up to, visit mnstate.edu/gethired.