WHAT:   2014 Hornbacher’s Gobble It Up for United Way $5 Lunch

WHEN:   Thursday, June 26 | 11AM-1PM

WHERE:  Pick up your meal at your favorite local Hornbacher’s location:
·        Hornbacher’s Express (1433 University Drive South, Fargo)
·        Hornbacher’s Moorhead (101 11th Street S, Moorhead)
·        Hornbacher’s Northport (2510 Broadway North, Fargo)
·        Hornbacher’s Osgood (4151 45th Street South, Fargo)
·        Hornbacher’s Southgate (1532 32nd Ave South, Fargo)
·        Hornbacher’s Village West (4101 13th Ave South, Fargo)
Click HERE to find the closest Hornbacher’s.

·        Pre-Order your lunches early (by June 24)
·        Pick up on June 26 to go!
·        Pick up and eat your lunch at  any Hornbacher’s

Come to your favorite Hornbacher’s location and enjoy a $5 lunch that includes:
·        Delicious Jennie-O Hot Turkey Sandwich on a fresh Hornbacher’s bun
·        Frito Lay Chips
·        Pepsi Products or Aquafina Water
·        Kemps Ice Cream Treat