Earth Week Film Festival

“Symphony of the Soil” was a great documentary about soil health and it’s future in farming. If you had to miss it, don’t worry because the Earth Week Film Festival is not over yet. Today the documentary “Switch” is playing at 7 p.m. In Langseth Hall 104. Also make sure to check out the other movies playing later this week by looking at posters or stopping by a table in the CMU.

Come join us for 4 movies related to sustainability! Movies start at 7 in Langseth 104 (formerly: science building)

Tuesday April 22nd: Symphony of the Soil
—Topic: soil health
Wednesday April 23rd: Switch
—Energy Demos start at 6:30
—Topic: energy (oil, solar, wind, etc.)
Thursday April 24th: 180 Degrees South
—Topic: climate change
Friday April 25th: The Lorax
—Topic: “UNLESS”


Can’t wait to see you there!
–Sustainable Students Association–

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