It’s a great day to be a recycling Dragon! Phase 1 of the recycle/trash bin update is complete. The process to follow for recycling is:

Paper recycling at your desk—please take time to empty the “recycling at work” boxes into one of the larger bins in the hallway. GMWs are not expected to empty these, nor is the Student Recycling Service. Tip: designate someone in your office to collect everyone’s paper on a periodic schedule. If you need of the little recycling boxes for your, let us know.

Cardboard—please do not stack boxes in the hallway. Rather, we ask that you break them down and tuck them behind the recycling bins. The Student Recycling Service will haul it out once a week. Tip: locate nearest outdoor cardboard dumpster and bring your boxes there personally. Take a step away from the desk, it’s good for mental and physical health!

Landfill?!—The news bins labeled “Landfill” are for trash. They are emptied regularly by GMWs. You’ll notice they are smaller than recycling bins; this is intentional. It reflects the future of sustainability—higher volume of recycling, and lower volume of landfill-bound waste. Tip: invite your designated Student Recycler (or Sustainability Coordinator) to your department meeting for a quick refresher on recycling.

Thank you for pitching in to help make MSUM a greener place!