Join Positive Reactions this semester

Positive Reactions
Positive Reactions is a student-run public relations firm that is associated with the MSUM PRSSA Chapter. Any member of our PRSSA Chapter can work for the firm (this is where you get the field experience). Now you can receive 1-3 course credits for doing so by registering for MC290 or MC390. Positive Reactions works with real clients of the Fargo-Moorhead area and provides public relations services for them.

-Event planning
-Market research
-Video commercials
-Social media (creation, maintenance and analytics)
-Web (creation, maintenance and analytics)
-Promotional materials (posters, brochures and flyers)
-Media relations

With all these services, we can also use majors from other fields like photography, film and journalism students. Working for this firm will fill your portfolio with an excellent variety of work samples necessary to get a GOOD job after graduation.

Client List:
-Together We Rise (a foster care nonprofit organization)
-Solberg Design | Branding (a local graphic designer)
-The Advocate (our campus newspaper)
-Alexa’s Hope and LifeSource (nonprofit organ and tissue donation advocacy groups)
-United Blood Services (hosting blood drives)
-DKMS (a bone marrow registry organization)

Spring Semester
-Red River Zoo (Fargo-Moorhead area zoo)
-MSUM Mass Communications Department
-FM Sheltering Churches (nonprofit organization to provide shelter for homeless persons during winter months)
-Matzoni LLC (a startup entrepreneur company)

How to Join/Become a Firm Associate
To work for the firm, you must be a PRSSA member. Membership dues are $80/year. To join attend a Positive Reactions meeting, contact the firm director, Kelly Falk at or register for 1-3 course credits through MC 290 or MC 390 – Special Topics: Practicum. Positive Reactions is a great way to learn about public relations research, planning and tactics, meet new people, build a portfolio and give back to the community.

Every Friday at 10 a.m. in Flora Frick 254. At these meetings we discuss public relations tactics, new clients, campaigns and event plans for current clients and other matters regarding Positive Reactions.

Connect with us!
Facebook: Positive Reactions
Twitter: @msum_PRfirm
YouTube: PositiveReactionsPR
Website: (Please subscribe/follow)