Apply to be a Student Orientation Counselor (SOC) today!

Interested in Leadership? What about helping incoming students? Want to co-facilitate a First Year Experience class? Maybe you want to have some fun and meet new people? If you like any or all of these things, you should apply to be a STUDENT ORIENTATION COUNSELOR (SOC)!

Being a SOC can help you gain leadership skills, meet new people, and help ease first year students in their transition to MSUM. You can find the application at on Dragon Jobs. Don’t forget to read the application instructions, informational packet, and all you need to successfully apply.

Interviews begin Feb. 3 and end Feb. 14 – Applications are due February 10

If you have any questions, please direct them to Mitch Johnson in the First Year Programs office (CMU 222) at or 218.477.2601.