Nov. 14-16, the following students and faculty presented research at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention in Chicago:

Nancy Paul and Mary Drake, faculty
*Issues Related to Community Memory Screenings

Richard Adler with the following graduate student researchers:
-Arica Flach, * Certified Nursing Assistants’ Knowledge of Swallowing Disorders for Assistance to SLPs
-Gretta Hjelseth, * University Clinical Supervisors’ Role in the Use of Telepractice
-Michelle Kraling, * Telepractice: The State of the Art in the U.S.
-Aubrie Patchen, * Current Evidence-Based Practice for Assessment & Treatment in Right-Hemisphere Damage

Nancy Paul with the following graduate student researchers:
-Jessica Dewald, * Speech-Language Pathologists’ Experience When Serving Persons With Dementia-Based Communication Disorders
-Elizabeth Plankers, * Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Speech-Language Therapy Interventions: A Systematic Review
-Mackenzie Schorn, * Applying Crystalized & Fluid Intelligence Theory to Activities That May Promote Optimal Aging of Communication
-Karley Sykora, * Technology-Based Home Remediation Program for Acquired Dysgraphia: A Clinical Study

Nancy Paul and Elaine Pyle, faculty collaboration with the following graduate student researcher:
– Sarah Roozen, * The Effects of Drawing for Communication for an Individual With Aphasia

Kris Vossler supervised the following graduate student researchers, who presented:
-Maria Lendobeja, * Preparing for Life: Inside the College Transition for Students With Asperger Syndrome
-Emily Kunstleben, * The Role of School-Based SLPs in Literacy Intervention
-Erin Jore, * SLPs’ Knowledge & Skills in the Provision of Services Related to Auditory Training