Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Planetarium has two shows and two special children’s programs left this summer.

“Red River Skies: Our Moon” shows at 7 p.m. Thursday evenings during July. Tour the summer night sky and take a closer look at our nearest neighbor in space. Look at the Moon’s features, phases and lore; identify some July constellations; and learn to read a star map.

There will be a special children’s program, “Mooniverse,” Thursday, July 18 at 11 a.m. Explore the varied moons of the Solar System and see which are volcanic, which one has an atmosphere like the pre-life Earth, and which ones have water. The doors open at 10:40 a.m. Some moon activities will be available before and after the show. This program is suitable for younger children.

“Red River Skies: Catch a Falling Star” shows at 7 p.m. Thursday evenings, August 1-15. Every August, as regular as clockwork, the Perseid meteor shower appears. However, there’s no need to get your umbrella out. Where do these celestial visitors come from? Learn how to observe a meteor shower and how to use a star map to identify constellations, stars and planets in the late summer sky.

Planetarium visitors will get a chance to hold a piece of another world Thursday, August 8 at 11 a.m. at a special children’s program called “Pieces of Another World.” The show features a story about a child’s trip to see a meteor shower, a guide to viewing the August Perseid Meteor Shower, and a chance to ask questions and hold a meteorite. The doors will open at 10:40 a.m. with some special children’s activities before and after the show. The program is suitable for young children.

General admission for all shows at the planetarium is $5. Admission for children (12 and under), senior citizens (62 and up) and Tri-college students is $2.50.

The Planetarium is located on the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus in Bridges Hall, Room 167 at 11th St. and 8th Ave. S in Moorhead. Please use the south entrance to Bridges Hall.

For further information about programming, visit our website www.mnstate.edu/planetarium or call 218.477.2920.