It takes so much carpet to cover the floors!

The second floor of the CMU will look a little different the next time you see it–in a very good way! We decided that it was time to replace the carpet on the second floor of the CMU, so this spring the Comstock Union Committee along with our Interim Director, Layne Anderson, worked to find a carpet that would transform the “look” of the hallways. After they picked out the two coordinating carpets, we made plans for installation this summer!

If you stopped by the CMU last week, the floor probably looked pretty bare, because we’d ripped out all the carpet up there. It was kind of cool to see how much carpet, or lack thereof, can affect how a space looks! Plus we had fun looking for shapes in the left over carpet glue! (Can you spot anything in this picture?)



With all the old carpeting gone, it was time to make way for the new carpet. We were impressed with how quickly the workers could lay the carpet, it only took about two and half days to lay all of the carpet on the second floor. The new carpet really gives a “new look” to the CMU’s second floor, so be sure to make your way up the stairs next time you’re in the student union and take a look!