For many, summer time is also known as “Wedding Season,” and wouldn’t you know it, we have a number of wedding receptions happening in the Comstock Memorial Union this summer! We always get excited when a bride and groom want to have their wedding reception in the CMU, especially when one or both graduated from MSUM. No matter if they have Dragon roots or not, we really enjoy the opportunity to help couples celebrate their special day.

For weddings, we love that we get to give extra attention to helping set everything up just right–from the cute picture slideshow to the dance floor to the catering from MSUM Dining (which, by the way, makes amazing cupcakes!). Plus, the brides always do an awesome job decorating the ballroom creatively–it’s fun to see it looking fancy! Our ballroom can seat several hundred and it’s great to see so many people ready to celebrate with the newlyweds–plus the whole room has a parquet floor, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to dance whether there’s a live band or DJ!

While many of the wedding receptions in the CMU are of the more traditional American variety, we also have the opportunity to work with couples of other nationalities to help them celebrate in their traditional ways. Few things are more fun than learning about a couple’s heritage and how they celebrate following a wedding.

If you’re looking for a place to host your wedding reception, give the Comstock Union a call at 218-477-2261 and let us show you what we can do to make your wedding reception memorable and stress-free!