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Sociology seniors create a band at the Midwest Sociological Society conference in Chicago

Posted on April 10, 2013

Allie Edmonds, Catherine Kippley and Jenelle Swenberger presented a paper titled “Crowd Sourcing, Crisis Mapping, and Sociology: Humanitarian Responses to Crisis in the World.” They co-presented with Dr. Karen Branden, Sociology and Criminal Justice, in a session titled “Connections and Community: Preparing students through Civic Engagement.”

The three seniors discussed crowd sourcing as a way of doing humanitarian work. They also stressed the importance of local voices and civic engagement. Their work with a humanitarian organization called the Standby Task Force gave them the opportunity to gather information about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The group used knowledge gained from that experience to focus on local Indigenous tribes and information gathering. Requests were made for the group to visit other campuses to help train students, staff and faculty.

Questions? Contact Dr. Karen Branden

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