Dr. Kenyon Williams, Professor of Percussion, spent three weeks of his sabbatical in Ghana where he studied drumming and dance with Ewe people of the Volta region of Ghana. During this time, he lived in the small rural village of Kopeiya at the Dagbe Art and Culture Center which was created by a family of master drummers from the area to spur research, maintain traditional art forms, and provide financial support for the region.

The music and dancing that he learned will be shared with members of the MSUM community via the MSUM World Music and Percussion Ensemble, “Fuego Tropical,” this coming fall. During the fall semester, the ensemble will be devoted to learning the dances, songs, and drumming that Dr. Williams learned while in Ghana. The ensemble will also explore the music of Trinidadian carnival which Dr. Williams experienced at the beginning of his sabbatical while participating in the legendary “Panorama” steelband competition in Trinidad.